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by Protection Impuls

Protective visor for our everyday heroes


We are a social entrepreneurship company.

with the aim of making a contribution to society, we reinvest in further development and also think about new products to provide fast solutions for future challenges and to be able to offer. Part of our profit will be… developing countries that do not have enough of their own capital. Regardless of the demand situation, guarantee that we are not raising our prices. made in germany Protection Impuls Germany

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The protective visor for our everyday heroes and heroines: your employees!

Millions of people are already facing up to our responsibility and helping to ensure the protection of their fellow human beings with all their possibilities.

At this point we turn to you to support and protect our loved ones, everyday heroes and heroines, as well as your employees* in this difficult time. Because it is you who stand by the side of the healthy and the sick and go about their work, but often without being able to equip yourself with the simplest protective measures.

Our reusable protective visors are an available and complementary means of protection, which have become a scarce commodity in the Corona crisis. With your help, they can be quickly produced in large quantities thanks to their high functionality and industrial mass production.

Our target group

Includes everyday heroes and heroines (your employees),
our families and ALL who depend on our protection products!

Schools, child and youth welfare

Public Health


Emergency care

Police officers, border guards and soldiers

Administrative employee





and counting

The protective visor

In times of a corona pandemic, special protection must be given to those who maintain our public order and who oppose the pandemic with full force. Stocks of disposable masks and suits are already running low in many clinics, and the demand is constantly increasing. This is why a reusable alternative is urgently needed: our protective visors offer the right solution.

It has not yet been conclusively investigated how Covid-19 is transmitted, but it is assumed that this happens mainly via droplet infection. When speaking, coughing or sneezing, droplets easily travel distances of 1.5m to 1.8m, with the result that they are inhaled by other people or absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes. We all do our best to keep a minimum distance of 2m in everyday life. But what if this is not possible, as is the case with many of the system-relevant professions? The Faceshield protective visor is not a breathing mask according to FFP standard.

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Protection Impuls Faceshield Produkt

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With the Faceshield you recognize your counterpart, because even in today’s time we must remember to remain human and not to see diseases behind masks. Therefore we need your support NOW to make the world a little bit safer together!

Product features

With the Faceshield by Protection Impuls we have succeeded in developing a reusable, protective visor for EVERYONE! True to the motto „Always better together“, we rely on decentralized, industrial mass production in order to equip all everyday heroes* and you with our protective visors as quickly as possible.


Easy cleaning

Easy to recycle

According to our own tests, it reliably protects eyes and face from liquids

An idea born out of
a midwife’s need

Our story begins with a midwife whose. The task is to provide expectant mothers and their newborns to accompany and care for you. How many nursing professionals she too was able to avoid a shortage of supply do not cover with the most necessary protective measures. It therefore decided, on its own initiative, to protect to have their patients* tested for the corona virus. It a week full of worries passed and finally this led to Loss of a much needed specialist