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An idea born out of
a midwife’s need

Our story begins with a midwife, whose task is to help expectant mothers and their to accompany and care for newborns. Like many nursing professionals, she was able to supply bottlenecks with the most necessary protective measures and therefore decided to to take the initiative to have their patients* tested for the Corana virus. A week went by full of worries and also led to the loss of an urgently needed specialist. Protection Impuls Grandma Klaus Picture outside.

Protection Impuls Oma Klaus Bild draussen

As luck would have it

As luck would have it, our caring midwife around the mother of Klaus Nowak, an MBA student of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and later founder of FACE-SHIELD.

For him it was immediately clear that he was not only responsible for his mother, but also for EVERYONE who needs protection, something about this situation has to change. A few days later he had the brilliant idea to develop a protective visor that is also reusable, should be inexpensive and quickly producible in large quantities.

The following day he met with fellow students of the Specializations in materials and product development, as well as mechanical engineering in the production engineering laboratory of the Frankfurt UAS. Until the evening the group of three students took the first 3D printed images, which were Prototypes of the protective visor in the hands.

The first steps

With the first prototype and the crisis-related collapse of the global supply chains, the aim of the Face Shield by Protection Impuls project was defined:

Protect as many lives worldwide as possible by providing a certified, secure, globally scalable and affordable face shield.

In order to achieve this goal, a Germany-wide cooperation network of flexible small and medium-sized companies was set up and within 6 days the production started.

This created a model that can be transferred to any industrialized country and enables the Face Shield by Protection Impuls project to start local production there within 7 days.

The central backbone of the supplier network is in Germany. As a result, Protection Impuls can deliver the Face Shields immediately after the contracts has been signed. At the same time, pre-series production is already starting in the new target countries. This will promote small and medium size companies in your country and prevent you unemployment.